Digi-Fire, LLC                                            
                                                    "Let Your Simulator Shoot Back!"

About Us
Digi-Fire, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran owned business.
I am a former Army NCO who served with the following units:

3/75th Ranger                                                             86'-89'
3rd Ranger Co.                                                             89'-90'
1/22 10th Mtn Div. (Desert Storm Recall)             Jan-Mar 91'
4th Ranger Training Bn.                                              99'-02'

Graduate - Ranger Class 13-87.

In addition, I was employed by the Navy Center for Security Forces
as a Training Site Manager from Oct 2002 to Nov 2003, and then again from Sept 2004 to Aug 2006. During the break I worked as a Security Contractor out of Bayji, Iraq.